O'Shaughnessy Bragged regarding Pay-day “Income Gains,” No doubt Supported from the their “Millions” out of Users

It has got reduced for other people as well. During the past couple election schedules, O'Shpaigns off powerful political figures and you may pay day lending special interest PACs, which have and additionally donated huge amounts of cash toward tips out-of elected officials.

The information:

Following Oversaw new Product sales out-of Advance The usa to help you a north american country Firm

A strong Pay check Business Insider, O'Shaughnessy Is Board Couch of Pay day Industry's Special interest payday loans River Rouge Trade Group

Next Cementing Their Insider Position, O'Shaughnessy was Designated on the User Advisory Panel of your CFPB, Which Oversees Pay-day Lenders

The brand new Numbers Cannot Lie, Progress America Hinges on the debt Stage to profit

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