We have solid experience developing custom modules for freight forwarding, warehousing, and fleet management. Digitalize documentation across the supply chain to ensure effective warehouse management and timely order fulfillment. We integrate modern features, such as barcode scanners, predictive https://globalcloudteam.com/ maintenance algorithms, and paperless accounting solutions to modernize Logistics business processes. At Intelvision, we offer an outsourced dedicated development team to drive your business growth. Our team will build a user-friendly delivery app that will turn leads into loyal customers.

Get technical advice on how to turn your innovative ideas into efficient products that will keep your business on top of the ever-changing global market and in line with the latest trends. As you can see, whatever your exact logistics issue may be, our engineers and designers are a perfect match for it. This solution was built to enable end-users to easily find and choose the best matching and closest car across a number of regions. Get in touch with us, and we will gladly get back to you as soon as possible. If you need a professional team, CleverDev Software will be happy to assist you in making your vision a reality.

Your second step in logistics software development is to decide upon a deployment strategy. With an on-premises deployment, all services will be installed on your company’s hardware and servers. Consequently, your company takes full control over the running, management, and maintenance of the software.

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Also, learn about the vendor’s communication practices, development methodology, and how they will manage any proprietary information they have access to. You will also want to make sure that the software company has plenty of experience, especially with companies in your industry. During an interview, the team should be respectful and highly responsive to any questions you might have. You should feel as though they are not just a service provider but a partner in helping your business succeed. Ask other companies like yours what logistics software they use and what they like about it.

Yes, we offer native and hybrid mobile app development services to the Transportation and Logistics industry and deliver flawless apps for their business needs. The Transportation and Logistics industry plays an increasingly important role in every industry sector in this fast-evolving world. It covers all those businesses which require transporting goods via air, land or water from source to destination. There are a number of people who are involved in this process – product delivery persons, truck drivers, inventory managers, airline attendants, coordinators who manage all approvals, container fillers, etc. An effective logistics chain ensures that goods are delivered in the least possible time.

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Use IoT devices and other technology to boost your warehouse performance and handle more workflow. Or perhaps you’re inspired by DHL’s SmarTrucking system and want to introduce something similar to your company, or you’d like to explore drone-based delivery. Customised logistics software with integrated IoT tools makes these plans easy to implement. We are aware of the latest innovations on the market, so by ordering logistics app development from us, you enable your business to reach a new level. We also have talented developers who can develop transport-related applications through which one can book a ride by selecting the source and destination points. This software helps the industry in tracking the resources from the source to the destination with improved operational efficiency.

To give you an idea of ​​the quality of our work, we would like to show you our logistics app development portfolio. It should be noted that Our logistics app, with which you will have the opportunity to meet, has fairly wide functionality and implements the task set for our team by the client in full. The necessary list of functions and the complexity of the design, as well as the need to make adjustments during the work, will be decisive.

Logistics software can help you manage things like data and documents. The software can retrieve data from various sources and then run it through various components to arrive at useful conclusions. With all of this information in one place, the work becomes much more efficient and saves time. Vehicle management enables planners to select specific vehicles to put into use as needed, providing the best delivery method for the situation.

It’s a top choice for delivering feature-rich, complex logistics software solutions. Angular will help you achieve lightning speed and high performance of your apps. Since 2015 in designing and building transportation software, including fleet management solutions. We build high-standard cloud solutions that help logistics companies access the system outside the office and flexibly use computational resources. Inventory control and management software needed to track and monitor your assets.

Do you want to empower your company with leading-edge logistics software solutions and technologies? Is your mission to enhance customer service and make deliveries faster and more secure than your competitors? You are on the right page — Innovecs can help you accomplish these goals and more. The mobile applications designed and developed at Orases for companies in the logistics industry are not only highly secure, but are designed to increase the efficiency of internal operations. Our responsive and well-optimized mobile applications improve workflow processes, while maintaining a high level of security. IntelliSoft has proven experience in transportation software development services, process automation, business intelligence, network optimization, and innovative technology implementations.

The solution is aimed at offering automated, secure and real-time services, an elementary requisite of the transportation and shipping industry. This industry is critical to integrating the domestic and global economies. The main challenge for transportation operators is to find new ways to meet the increasing demand with adequate supply.

It is possible to integrate chat into the application so that the process participants can communicate when necessary. In general, an application for a transport company can have both common functions and unique features related to your business. The extraordinary logistics app design will increase the rating of your application and make your company more recognizable in the market. Therefore, we pay enough attention to creating a design and do not offer ready-made template options.

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The development of sturdy and innovative logistics and supply chain solutions frequently requires leveraging various technologies and languages in the scope of one project. We provide profound expertise in multiple coding languages and help our customers choose the best technology stack for their software. In today’s rapidly globalized supply chain, transportation and logistics cover a lot of ground, from material handling and packaging to freight forwarding and warehousing. Businesses look for ways to optimize order fulfillment processes with streamlining and automation. Logistics and transportation software gather supply chain data and make it instantly available anytime and anywhere.

Complete your logistics software with a mobile app

The use of IoT-based software and hardware allows for advanced logistics processes like goods monitoring, shipping conditions control, and location tracking. Our team will help you develop efficient apps that work well on both web and mobile devices and allow for efficient route planning, navigating, and tracking even in the offline mode. Ensure connectivity of your tech tools and facilitate your transportation & logistics operations by leveraging API development and systems integration. If you are looking for a software development company to facilitate your project in logistics, we are ready to help.

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To provide this, we study the needs of your company and your users in practice, then develop specific service models that can help you at distinct stages of your technology journey. We strive to exceed expectations by working closely with you as a technology partner. Set up, scale, and manage a remote development team for your project, choosing the optimal level of engagement in the engineering process to accelerate the time to market with scalable capacity. Cover all stages of the software development lifecycle from elaborating requirements to defining your solution vision, engineering, implementation, and after-launch maintenance by relying on agile best practices. For our clients from eCommerce industry we built custom order management solutions, and automatic delivery price calculation.

The solution allows to create and import orders with their detailed description, monitor real-time delivery process, plan the route to eliminate delays, and cut down fuel costs. As a result of TMS implementation, Patriot Transport reduced supply chain costs by logistics software development 16% and exceeded delivery time by eliminating wasted time between stops. Our software offers barcode scanners, radio frequency identification , and automatic identification and data capture to facilitate inventory tracking and optimize warehouse operations.


Having established a brand-new SaaS platform, we are continuously migrating their apps to leverage all the advantages of a microservices architecture. The software we developed allows our client to track real-time GPS telematics, build optimal routes, monitor vehicle conditions, and create custom dashboards to visualize data from fleets. We developed a complete solution that organizes and automates the onboarding process by using image recognition of drivers’ IDs and analyzing companies’ track records, drivers’ licenses, and delivery histories. Fleet data visualization for Fortune 500 client One of the world’s largest OEMs in Germany was exploring the potential of IoT technologies in light commercial vehicle fleets. Intellias engineers implemented native iOS and Android apps for an intelligent vehicle monitoring system and provided a UI/UX design for comprehensive dashboards that empower data visualization and custom rendering. The solution is already implemented and optimizes the work of over 1000 fleet vehicles.

With a smooth delivery process, however, you can retain more customers and gain new ones based on word of mouth. Advanced logistics software can even help you go above and beyond the expected delivery service by providing specific real-time updates about where packages are and when they are expected to arrive. This level of service is becoming more of a must-have as customer expectations change. Our custom integrated BI and reporting solutions enable you to make data-driven decisions that boost operational efficiency and reduce losses. With deep-dive data analytics, you’ll gain a holistic picture of your entire enterprise, allowing you to manage resources and demand, keep tabs on your KPIs, and automate day-to-day reporting processes.

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Work with our talented teams of software engineers and architects to help optimize your IT budget. We have been working for over 10 years and they have become our long-term technology partner. Any software development, programming, or design needs we have had, Belitsoft company has always been able to handle this for us. Belitsoft company has been able to provide senior developers with the skills to support back end, native mobile and web applications.

How To Develop An App For Logistics Business And Make It Successful

We continue today to augment our existing staff with great developers from Belitsoft. We made Proof of Concept and Business Analysis to help the logistics startup validate the business idea of cloud-based virtual fuel cards before starting the full-scale development process. The DDI Development team have been most helpful in the past 3 years, and I come to them when I want particular expertise with tricky-to-solve PHP related problems or issues. DDI Development team are highly professional and have an incredible service ethic. We tested some of their software developers before making our choice, and he's performing very well as a full-time member of our team. We intend to continue our long-term working relationship with this developer and to hire more developers from the company.

Why Work with Our Logistics Development Company

Procurement management software is a key factor in running a successful company because it helps you meet business goals and expectations. Our team can create a procurement management system that allows tracking customers/suppliers, managing sale and logistics, generating reports which display the details of business process operations. The IntelliSoft development team participates in all stages of software development – from business analysis to UI/UX and user testing. We suggest and develop project architecture, back-end and front-end, integrate all the necessary features or build them from scratch, create layouts, prototypes, and final design of software projects.

Why do you need logistics and transportation software development?

Make sure your warehouse is organized at all times, remove the scope for human error, and predict delays during delivery. Benefit from our custom logistics software development to get automated, efficiently manage inventory turnover, and reduce your operational and holding costs. It's logical to assume that the simpler your solution, the cheaper it is, but that’s a false economy. It's cheaper to integrate all the necessary functionalities when you develop the logistics software as adding features to existing products is time-consuming and expensive.


The target audiences of the application are customers from transportation freight industry, which need tracking trucks with their goods in real time from any smart device. Improve the service quality level by notifying customers about every load status and location change in real-time. The project development timeline depends on the development team composition, the scope of your project, and the budget you are ready to spend on Logistics and warehouse management software development services.

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